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  • liking a piece of media does not automatically mean you think it is perfect or agree with its creators
  • even if you are not openly critical of it
  • because you don’t HAVE to be openly critical of it
  • there is an enormous difference between being an apologist for something and wanting to dwell on the good parts of a thing you like because it makes you happy, please stop conflating these two things
  • not talking about the flaws of a thing does not mean you do not recognize the flaws of a thing
  • nobody has to apologize for liking what they like and nobody should be shamed for liking a thing
  • your fave is problematic too
  • also
  • you are not a better person than someone just because your favorite piece of media is less problematic than theirs
  • you aren’t


Dude, yes.

Added to: just because I don’t talk about it on Tumblr, doesn’t mean I don’t talk about it at all. Just means I choose my area of discourse. 

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—However, even this ambiguous portrait of female power proved too much for Moffat to stomach. Granted, he allowed her to keep her smarts. But, at the same time, her acumen and agency were undermined every which way. Not-so-subtly channelling the spirit of the predatory femme fatal, Adler’s power became, in Moffat’s hands, less a matter of brains, and more a matter of knowing “what men like” and how to give it to them; of having them by the sexual short and curlies, or, perhaps more aptly, on a nice short leash. Her masterminding of a cunning criminal plan was, it was revealed late in the day, not her own doing, but dependent on the advice of Holmes’s arch nemesis, James Moriarty. A move that, blogger Stavvers noted, neatly reduced her from “an active force to a passive pawn in Moriarty and Holmes’s ongoing cock-duelling”.

More troubling still, Moffat’s Adler blatantly fails to outwit Holmes. Despite identifying as a lesbian, her scheme is ultimately undone by her great big girly crush on Sherlock, an irresistible brain-rot that leads her to trash the security she has fought for from the start of the show with a gesture about as sophisticated – or purposeful – as scrawling love hearts on an exercise book. As a result, Moffat sends Adler out into the world without the information she has always relied on for protection, having made herself entirely vulnerable for the love of a man. Lest we haven’t got the point yet, Holmes hammers it home. “Sentiment,” he tells us, “is a chemical defect found in the losing side.”

And then there was the jaw-dropping finale, which somehow managed to smoosh together a double-bill of two of patriarchy’s top-10 fantasies. All those troubled by female sexual power – or the persistent punctuation of orgasmic text alerts – were treated to the sight of the vamp laid low, down on her knees, about to have her block knocked off by a great big sword. And, at the same time, our hero miraculously appeared to save his damsel in distress. Medusa and Perseus, Rapunzel and her prince, all wrapped up in a potent little bundle. Symbolically speaking, it was really quite impressive. But for those of us crazies who like to think that women are, y’know, just regular human beings, it was, politically, really quite regressive.

Jane Claire Jones in Is Sherlock Sexist? (via supernatasha)

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make me choose
randomthingsoverhere asked: bilbo baggins or frodo baggins

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I love it when these sort of things happen on my dash:

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God Explains Space To His Angels

You’ll have to slow down.

I mean, very, very slow, like travelling
an inch and a half (they call
it distance) in eight hundred
million years (they call
it time). You’ll have
to distinguish between here
and there - yes, yes,
we all know there’s only
the here and now,
but you’ll have to see
it their way - with everything
reduced to three dimensions.
It comes with being
exiled in a mortal
body, you see, which is not
entirely a curse, I assure
you. Space is the disposable
furniture of a mind
enmeshed in its own
metaphors, brandishing
a meter stick under
our immeasurable sky.

You’ll need wings.

—Sid Gomez Hildawa

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I had Nan Elmoth family feelings and then Nolofinwean week was announced it was meant to be